Palm Pre Gets GPS Injection

piczoomaspSmartphone enthusiasts and others in attendance were pleasantly surprised earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show.  The elation surrounded Palm’s unveiling of what many are calling the only true contender to the Apple iPhone 3G – the new Palm Pre.  Everyone was intrigued by the phone’s GPS capabilities, but around the time, details were slim.  Recently, more information has emerged about the Pre’s GPS and navigation features.


Open-Sourced Power

Palm announced that its Pre smartphone will come with a Synergy feature set that enables contacts and calendar syncing, a layered calendar that allows you to view data by criteria, such as home chores and work appointments, and a messaging suite that includes both text and IM messaging.  Similar to Apple and the apps for its iPhone, Palm is hoping the future of its new Pre smartphone is aided by a vibrant and active open developer community that creates hundreds or possibly thousands of inexpensive applications which will provide a wealth of location-based services to its users.  Thanks to advancements in development tools, the company just might get its wish.


Palm representatives suggest that Palm webOS applications are simple to create utilizing technologies such as Mojo, a relatively new application framework based on the HMTL, Javascript and CSS standards web developers have come to know and love.  WebOS applications can be installed and run directly on the phone in native speed, providing access to a wide variety of the device’s services.  In addition, Palm is promising that the activity cards for its Pre apps will let users flip through, move them around and even throw them off screen – capabilities most competing smart phones do not offer.


GPS Powered Pre


Palm is looking to differentiate itself from others in the market by integrating GPS technology into the Pre’s core features deeper than any other smartphone.  Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners, a major Palm investor, described in recent interviews that the Pre’s new method of incorporating GSP into smartphone features, putting emphasis on its ability to automatically download maps overnight for addresses into your appointments.  Featuring a clock, calendar and GPS receiver, NcNamee says the Pre’s tendency to know where you’re supposed to be and when you should to be there fit perfectly into Palm’s philosophy of providing the best breed in personal time management and organization solutions.


Palm says that GPS will also be vital to its phone image management feature, stating that pictures snapped with the Pre will be geo-tagged as part of the automated organization of photos by place, and possibly linked to addresses on the device as well.  The phone will have the benefit of the now smartphone-standard location information and basic directions, along with access to a universal search feature powered by Wikipedia and Google maps.  Other features include turn-by-turn directions with Sprint Navigation along with Biz Finder and its 10 million points of interest.


The Palm Pre will be released with a select few GPS apps, but look for several more to come in the near future.  Smartphone fans have been waiting for some time, but Palm says its Pre will finally be launched on June 6, 2009.

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