PhotoGPS by Jobo for DSLR Cameras

PhotoGPS by Jobo for DSLR Cameras

PhotoGPS by Jobo for DSLR Cameras A lot of people are getting into geo-locating photos, and you can get a device for DSLR cameras called photoGPS by the German company Jobo that does this in such a way that’s perfect for the serious photographer who takes lots of pictures, or for the super-organized person who wants a robust way to organize photographs by location. You attach the PhotoGPS on the flash shoe of a DSLR camera, where it has a good “view” of the sky. It’s a little lightweight box that you’d have a hard time believing can do what it does. Out of the box you get a software CD, a USB cable for sync and charging functions and the device itself. PhotoGPS is powered by an internal Li-poly rechargeable battery.

The software CD is made to go online and download the latest version of the geo-location software application, so you need an internet connection to install the software. It’s a simple process that’s not challenging at all. There’s also a manual (in a pdf file) on the CD that has every detail you could ever want to know about the photo organizer, the XMP files, etc. Since you set the PhotoGPS on the flash shoe, it takes one location reading at the time you press the shutter, so there’s no date and time sync needed and no initialization. There’s also no on/off switch because the device remains in its dormant state except when you take a photo. The battery lasts for ages because of this, particularly when compared to a lot of other GPS devices.

The internal memory in the PhotoGPS holds 1000 locations, and the tagging software is simple. You download the pictures from your camera and then plug in the PhotoGPS with the USB cable. The software downloads the locations and matches them up to the photos. But that’s not all! It then does a reverse geo-coding function to find more information from the basic location – lots more information. In fact, you might consider it location info overload, but a lot of photographers like having all that location information available. You can customize it to some degree to get the data that you’re particularly interested in, like the city and road name, which will then be made into keywords and saved as tags for the matching photo. Cool! It means you can take photos all day and once you get them on your computer, they’ll automatically be saved and tagged with relevant place names and information attached. This can be a huge labor saver.

The PhotoGPS is the kind of thing that a photo journalist would absolutely love, because it automatically tags each photo with tons of location information. But it is also great for the everyday photographic enthusiast who wants to be able to have an accurate location to go with every single photograph made, whether it’s a bronze statue in Moscow or a single bluebonnet blossom in Texas. The PhotoGPS costs about $150.

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