Rich GPS Apps for BlackBerry Storm

telenav-gps-navigator-on-the-blackberry-storm-landscapeRIM recently introduced new functionality for its BlackBerry Storm with BlackBerry Maps and BlackBerry App World, a suite of smartphone applications that keep GPS users in mind.  As of now, there are approximately 30 apps in the Travel section and eight in the Maps & Navigation section of the BlackBerry App World suite.  Many users have found them to be well designed and quite useful for their navigation needs.  In this article, we will see what these apps have to offer the already functional BlackBerry Storm.

App World Install and Setup


In order to enjoy the BlackBerry App World application, you need to purchase a service plan that provides access to the BlackBerry web browser.  Before you do anything, you need to check the OS version for your BlackBerry smartphone.  BlackBerry App World requires version 4.2 or higher.  To do this, click “Options” on the device, select and click “About.”  This will give you details about your operating system.  After getting this step squared away, you are then ready to download the software to your smartphone.  Downloading the app is fast, and installing it on your BlackBerry Storm is easy.  When the process is complete, the app will show up in the Downloads section of the main menu.  Inside of App World, you will find images, as well as summaries and user reviews of the provided apps.  You can search by category, top downloads or use the text search box.


BlackBerry Maps


Apart from App World, the BlackBerry Storm has a built in GPS receiver and a long scroll of features.  Many of these features are provided by the BlackBerry Maps app.  This app is quite similar to MapQuest in how it allows you to pull up destinations by address and points of interest. Below are some of the standout features:


Interactive Maps – Enable you to easily pan right, left, up, down and zoom in and out while viewing your directions and locations.


Local Search – Whether you’re looking for the nearest post office or simply a good cup of coffee, you can find it, as BlackBerry Maps allow you to locate various options within a 30-km radius.  Simply enter a search keyword like “pizza” and you get a list of places to go grab a slice at.


Bookmark – Lets you easily store your favorite locations and keep them handy for future use.


Enhanced Maps – BlackBerry Maps offer a dynamic design that delivers the speed you need to quickly pan, zoom and rotate your maps.


BlackBerry Friendly – The BlackBerry Maps app is compatible with many other BlackBerry applications.  You can send maps via email, launch them from other applications, view work and home addresses of contacts on maps and much more.

RIM is confident that its BlackBerry Storm makes a worthy contender in the smartphone touchscreen market.  Just like its biggest rival, the iPhone 3G, the Storm has a large color touchscreen and a plethora of GPS functionality.  While the number of apps isn’t as plentiful, look for the BlackBerry Storm to get more support from the open development community in the near future.

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