Save Money This Summer with TomTom Fuel Prices

Save Money This Summer with TomTom Fuel Prices

The TomTom Fuel Prices feature helps users find the lowest prices on fuel through the identification and ranking of gas stations by price and location.  From there, TomTom’s in-car GPS features deliver the turn-by-turn directions you need to find the gas station with the best price in your area.  In order to use this feature, you must have a compatible TomTom Go in-car model GPS receiver along with a $14.95 a year subscription to the TomTom Fuel Prices service.   In this article, we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to get started.

Find a Connectivity Method

If you have yet to install the TomTom HOME software on your Windows or Mac computer, you can do so by following the instructions provided with your GPS device.  TomTom HOME provides the connectivity method you need to send updated fuel prices to your receiver.  You can get the latest version of the software by visiting the TomTom website.  If you own a compatible Bluetooth-equipped phone with a data plan, you can also link to your TomTom GPS device and obtain fuel price data over the air.

Subscribe to TomTom Fuel Prices

If choose to use your computer for connectivity, you can subscribe to the Fuel Prices service by  starting the TomTom HOME application and selecting the “Fuel Prices” option.  The subscription includes well over 80,000 gas stations in both Canada and the United States.  Adding to the feature is the ability to select the type of fuel you prefer to use be it regular, mid-grade, premium or diesel.

Getting Fuel Prices on Your TomTom

Once you have established a connectivity method and begun your subscription, you are then ready to start receiving the latest fuel price information.  If you have chosen to connect by computer, attach the TomTom device to your PC via TomTom HOME and click on the “Update my GO” link.  If you are connecting by mobile phone, use the fuel prices screen instructions below and choose “update” on the touch screen.

  • With the latest fuel price data pulled up, you can use the Fuel Prices feature by simply pressing “TomTom Services” on the touchscreen menu and selecting “Fuel Prices.”
  • The Fuel Prices screen allows you to choose by price, distance, cheapest on your route, cheapest nearby or the cheapest in the area.
  • The Find screen shows you a list of gas stations, name of the station and distance to the station.  All you have to do is select the name of the station you wish to travel to, and TomTom gives you turn-by-turn directions on how to get there.

Supported Models

Similar to the gas prices feature on Garmin GPS receivers, TomTom Fuel Prices does not offer up-to-minute 100% accurate pricing.  You can, however, get a close approximation of relative prices.  Most users have found the feature to be quite useful at consistently locating the best gas prices along their routes.  The TomTom GPS models that support the Fuel Prices feature include the 130, 130S, 330, 330XLS, GO 720, GO 730, GO 920, GO 920T and GO 930.

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