“Secret” Government Uses for GPS

TomTom is leading the charge in GPS systems designed for the consumer market.  With handsets readily available through numerous commercial outlets, people no longer have to worry about getting lost, as they can easily navigate their way through a walking, driving, boating or flying mission.

Although most are familiar with TomTom devices and other units used to guide motorists away from a traffic jam, these navigational systems serve benefits in many other fields as well.  One area that has benefitted tremendously is the government, particularly in the areas of space, aviation and the military.

GPS in Orbit

For years, GPS technology has been revolutionizing how the United States and other nations operate in space.  As we speak, NASA is actively pursuing ways to use these systems to enable a successful return to the moon, as well as future trips to Mars and beyond.  The technology has already helped governments around the world accomplish so much in terms of determining Earth’s orbiting tendencies, and more breakthroughs are sure to come.  From aiding the guidance of crew vehicles to serving as efficient tracking systems, GPS plays an integral role in helping us monitor outer space.

Soaring High

Aviators around the world utilize GPS systems to enhance the efficiency and safety of flight missions.  Boasting continuous, accurate global capabilities, the technology offers seamless navigation services that meet many of today’s strict aviation requirements.  These features are able to provide three-dimensional positioning from departure and en route to arrival and airport surface navigation, effectively covering all phases of flight.  The realization of tremendous time and financial savings are continuously opening up opportunities for GPS in the aviation field.

Calling GPS to Action

The benefits of GPS extend directly to the U.S. Air Force and other branches of the military as well.  This is especially the case for marine operations performed by the Navy and Marine Corps.  It is imperative for a ship’s officer to determine the vessel’s position whether it is out in open sea or congested waterways and harbors.  The military has discovered that GPS delivers the fastest and most accurate way for mariners to effectively navigate, measure speed and determine locations when conducting search and rescue missions.

GPS has many beneficial uses in various government operations.  Amazingly enough, the technology has yet to be perfected so vast improvements are sure to come.  With all the recent technological advancements, it will be interesting to see where GPS ends up next.

Image Credit: Daily Press

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