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Using the International GPS Global Positioning System Waypoint Registry, you can contribute to the international database of GPS coordinates, allowing other people to explore the locales that you enjoy. With the rapidly growing widespread use of GPS devices worldwide, many people are anxious to share the locations of some of their favorite places so that others may discover and enjoy them as well. It’s a valuable, fun-filled resource to which many GPS users will want to add.

GPS waypoints

How the Waypoints are Organized

Whether you’re looking to check out the World Wide Database of GPS coordinates to find some locations to explore for yourself, or if you want to contribute your own waypoints, you can search by areas as small as a single zip code to find the perfect spot. Categories are also organized according to the time they were uploaded, with the 25 newest waypoints constantly available with the click of a link.

Keep in Mind that this is a Navigation Aid

Although the Waypoint Registry Database is a great resource to consult, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not meant to be used as the end-all be-all for your navigation needs. Good navigations practice must still be employed at all times because many different types of errors can occur.

A couple examples of these errors include SA, atmospherics, and changing datum – though changing datum is probably the least source of error out of these. The level of accuracy should also be kept in mind because it can vary depending on the preference of the person who uploaded the data. Errors may also be cumulative because of map errors that contribute when a waypoint is taken directly off a map, or due to the fact that when getting a waypoint from someone else, you must add the EPE of their unit at the time the waypoint was collected, as well as the EPE of your own unit at the time of your search. This can be a bit tricky at times because you must assume that all data was copied down correctly and entered correctly, which won’t always be the case. But it’s worth it! The exact locations of myriad interesting places are at your fingertips.

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