Sony NV-U44 (Black)

Sony has announced the availability of its new product Sony NV-U44 [black]. The device doesn’t have many features like other devices. But it works fine for its basic purpose of GPS navigation. As it doesn’t have other features except photo viewer it is much cheaper. Text to speech feature is very good. It reads the street name loudly and pronunciation is also good. The device costs $249. The device supports route planning. You can also plan multiple journeys with Sony NV-U44. . The device will not calculate the route until you enter all the check points correctly.

This compact device measures 3.5 inches wide, 4 inches high and 2.1 inches deep. It has attractive and smart look. You can handle this easily. The device is available in three colours black, silver and red. The device comes with a USB cable, a 112 volt power adapter and various important papers. You can get this compact attractive device with basic features for an affordable price, including a suction cup for mounting the device in the car. You can stick it to the device so as to provide smooth surface for mounting of the device. After that you have to just rotate the lever so it will get fixed to the surface.

Sony NV-U44 has 3.5 inch wide touch screen with resolution of 320x 240 pixels. The touch screen is bright and sensitive, its backlight allows you to view the information on the screen comfortably even in the day-light. The device is user friendly and handling of the device is similar to other personal navigation devices. There are two buttons on the left side of the screen for direct access to those two functions. One is to call and other one is for voice/pos feature.

There are four options on the menu:

  • Enter address
  • Take me Home
  • Find a place
  • My places

There are virtual buttons on the screen with which you can type the address. You also search the locations. The screen looks quite spacious as it does not have any function except photo viewer. You can view photos of JPEG format with this feature.

Find a place menu allows you to select places from Points of interests [POI]. These POIs are included in different categories like gas stations, restaurants and so on. There is an address book so that you can add your places of choice. You can also import the address book. POIs also include brand icons on the map.

The power on/off button of the device is situated on the top of the device.  On the bottom of the device there is USB port for charging the device or you can also connect the device to the computer through this slot. Reset button is also at the bottom. A slot for the Memory Stick Pro Duo is situated on the left side of the device.



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