Sprint and Google Merge to Provide Heightened GPS Experience

Google and Sprint have just announced a new partnership that will focus on the integration of Google services and applications into existing Sprint customers’ mobile day-to-day lives. As a part of the agreement, Google will not become Sprint’s preferred mobile search providers, and Sprint customers will now have much easier access to YouTube, Google Map for mobile, and so much more! The GPS experience is going to become a bit more streamlined for Sprint customers as a result as well.


Origins of the Partnership

Both companies have recognized the need to provide customers with a more open mobile system, and they understand the importance of choice for the mobile user – GPS users, of course, included. Thus, the merger will provide more choice for the customer when it comes to choosing and accessing content from a mobile device. With the addition of Google features to Sprint mobile service, customers will also now enjoy an enhanced mobile experience complete with the heightened speed that the Now Network offers, and all in conjunction with Google services. Both companies share a common vision of an easier, more open mobile web, which assisted in bringing the two corporate giants together.

What the Partnership will Mean for the Customers

With certain capabilities up and running as soon as this summer, Google and Sprint have much to offer customers. Google mobile search will not become the default search provider on the Sprint portal, both for web searches and local searches, which are GPS-enabled. Additionally, on select units that will be made available in late 2008, Sprint customers will be able to access a Google search box now on their unit’s home display, which will enable access to Google mobile search with the ease of one mouse click.

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