Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Thermometer

Suunto Vector is a wrist watch, Altimeter, Barometer, Compass and Thermometer all rolled into one. This is the device which is a must have for anyone who loves the outdoors. With all these meters at your wrist you will be able to climb or row anywhere with no fear of safety in your mind. The nature of your activity doesn’t matter, you could be climbing rough mountains, skiing or bike riding, to execute all and any of these you need something you can rely on which tells you the accurate information about various things, here is where the Suunto Vector watch comes in.

The device will give you vital information about your surroundings and will also keep track of what you are doing so that when the moment for the most important decision comes in, you are ready to meet it head on. The Altimeter is perhaps one of those things that a climber cannot do without, this wrist watch understands this need and so it has implemented it. The Altimeter will help you keep record of your ascends and well as you descends, it will also let you know if you have climbed too high and will sound an alarm when you do.

The device also shows barometric pressures which will help you to know the forecasts of the upcoming temperatures and weather. If the watch is set right it will also tell you the sea level pressures as well, these will help you read the data correctly when you are higher latitudes. The compass is another added feature that will assist in directing you when you are not sure where you are going. Bearings can be set which will help you in moving forward in the chosen direction.

Along with all these, the watch like others of its kind tells time; works perfectly as a stop watch and has an integrated calendar that is set till the year 2089. It can be the perfect gift for the friend who loves outdoor activities.

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