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How to Pick the Right Geocaching GPS Unit

Geocaching has quickly become a global phenomenon, as it puts the benefits of GPS technology on display for the entire world to see.  With technology on its side, geocaching is a popular game and essentially a more sophisticated version of real-life treasure hunting.  The players, known as geocachers, hunt for treasure with the aid of […]

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Geocache Army – Dare you take Geocaching across borders?

The world of geocaching bounds across geographical boundaries, and if the hunt itself isn’t fun enough for you already, there are other twists and turns that creative minds have dreamt up in order to make the chase that much more interesting! One such example of this is that shown by the inventive, fun-loving people behind […]

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Different Types of Geocaches You May Want to Try

Though the geocacher new to the game may not realize it at first, there are many various types of geocaches that can be put into play – and all can make for great fun. Here we’ll overview a few of the more common types.

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