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Update: Magellan / MiTAC Deal

More details are gradually starting to be released concerning the Magellan/ MiTAC deal, shedding a bit more light on exactly what this might mean for the future of the Magellan brand and product lines.

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Amazon’s Top 8 of 2008: Best of GPS

Amazon has come out with their Top 8 of 2008: Best of GPS list. This list covers the top 8 of the categories of Editors Picks, Top Sellers and Best Reviewed. The question beckons, which GPS system will you choose?

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Mio GPS 3.5G Handset Available Early 2009

DigiTimes reports Mio will launch a 3.5G handset with GPS sometime during the first quarter of 2009. This launch places Mio’s entry into the mobile handset arena just a bit ahead of Garmin’s nuvifone.

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