Teeing up With GPS

Teeing up With GPS

Golf GPS devices are growing in demand and popularity.  The United States Golf Association made it legal to play golf with GPS under the “Rules of Golf” back in 2005.  Some golfers believe that playing golf with this technology is just like playing with a caddie at your side.  The biggest difference is that a GPS device won’t question your club selection.  As far as precise distance information is concerned, many feel that playing with GPS is better than playing with the most diligent and experienced caddy.  If you are looking to improve your golf game, here are a few ways GPS can help.

Course Management

Coupling a GPS device with golf can help you better gauge the distances, sizes and shapes of the targets and hazards for each hole.  This not only holds true from the tee box, but also from each and every lie you encounter on the course.

Blind, Holes and Lies

When playing on a hilly course, sometimes you can only view a small area of the hole layout from the tee box.  By taking a look at the map overview and the distances to targets and hazards on your GPS device, you can select your club accordingly and target more precisely.  This capability is particularly useful for holes that are blind to the green, even on your second or third shot.  Additionally, if you start to have a tough time in the rough, the problem is often intensified due to a lack of line sight to the green.  Normally, you would also have to scramble in order to locate an appropriate mark to estimate your yardage.  With a golf GPS device, the distances, size and shapes of potential targets are clear from right where you stand.

Approach Strategies

A golf GPS unit can provide you with valuable information when closing in on the green, including the size and shape, as well as the distance to the front, back and center of the green.  Some devices also give you the ability to drag the pin-position on the display to optimize the distance readout.  Aside from delivering accurate distance to the pin, a golf GSP device can also show you the distance to the water hazards and bunkers as you approach the green.  For example, a quick glance at the screen can tell you it is 80 yards to the back of the bunker between you and the green, 100 yards to the front of the green, 120 yards to the pin and 135 yards to the back of the green.  This is all critical information that can be used to enhance your golf game.

A good GPS device can enable you to trim strokes off your game, increase speed play and also get you through each hole with a well-drawn plan that helps to maintain your confidence.  GPS units are loaded with functionality these days, so unless you try to make use of too many features and lose focus, you are almost certain to notice improvements in your game.

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