Telmap Has Taken GPS Navigation into New Frontiers

With the unveiling of Telmap Navigator 4.5, the company has introduced an entirely new level of personal mobility on the GPS navigation front. For the first time ever, Telmap Navigator introduces various features and functions that will allow the user a chance for a navigation experience that goes above and beyond previous GPS technology standards.

Telmap’s New Features and Functions

Some of these ground-breaking new features and functions include the usage of cell data location in areas where a GPS signal may be blocked, improved mapping functionality, a dynamic content deck that allows operators to offer mobile content, the integration of public transport data – a big plus for the urban user – and an even better traffic feature. In addition to all this, the release of APIs for both the Telmap navigation application and the Telmap Andromeda platform will be included. This feature particularly will assist with the integration of any third party application providers, so that the user can continually upgrade the device with features from all available sources. (180)

Real Time Public Transportation Data for Optimal Routing

Telmap CEP Oren Nissim is particularly proud of the real-time public transit (200) routing feature that the Telmap offers, as it goes a step beyond previous GPS navigation standards for travel. With the Telmap’s help, commuters will always know when the subway or train is running late, and can count on reliable and consistent service even in underground subway tunnels. With the integration of this feature into the device, users are treated for the first time ever to a personal mobile location provider that guarantees a truly multi-modal navigation.

Combing GPS Positioning with Cell Location Data

But what really sets the Telmap apart is its integration of both GPS position and cell location data, because the powerful combination of the two allows the user to constantly view their location on the device, whether they’re inside a building or in the middle of the great outdoors.

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