The Secret to Tracking Your Naughty Teenagers with GPS

It’s natural, particularly if you’re someone’s parent, to worry about your loved ones on the road. This kind of worry might be particularly strong if you have a teenager or teenagers who recently started driving. Keeping track of them and making sure they’re safe is a top priority. With the help of GPS, you can do just that! Using Ublip, a web-based tracking system that works in conjunction with GPS, you’ll always be in the know when it comes to the whereabouts of the people you love the most.

Location, Location, Location!

As soon as you log into Ublip you’ll immediately see a blip on a map that shows exactly where the vehicle you are tracking was when the GPS last reported. You’ll have the ability to see the address of the location, and even a satellite image if you so desire. Even if the automobile is traveling at highway speeds, you’ll still be able to see updates as frequently as every thirty seconds.

Track the Vehicle’s Speed

If you’re interested in knowing the speed at which the vehicle you’re tracking is going, GPS and Ublip provide that information as well. The data is comprehensive, and may help prevent an accident, as seeing the information in print will likely encourage a habitual speeder to slow
down. In addition, you can know exactly if your reckless teenager is speeding.

Stop Report

With the help of GPS and Ublip’s simple stop report, a list of everywhere the vehicle stopped is also provided. You’ll be able to check all the stops in the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, or even in the last month if you choose to do so. The whereabouts of the vehicle will be available at
at times.

Geofence Capabilities

You can also use your Ublip system to easily set up a Geofence. With this feature, you will be alerted by email whenever someone arrives or leaves from a certain place. Or, if you’re interested in making specific areas off limits for travel, you can do that as well – and you’ll be
notified immediately if the vehicle goes outside those specified bounds.

Constantly Updated Traffic Information

Up-to-date traffic info is also available to you with the use of Ublip in connection with your GPS. You can see the data via a color coded map for major roads. Thus, if you want, you can call the person traveling in the vehicle and warn them about traffic density.

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