TomTom + Apple = Powerful GPS for Your New iPhone

As Steve Jobs debuted the new iPhone last week to great fanfare, Dutch navigation device maker TomTom has augmented the technology with their sophisticated GPS applications, allowing all iPhone users to now enjoy an even more comprehensive iPhone experience.


TomTom Ahead of the Curve

Indeed, a spokesperson for TomTom announced that a version of its GPS navigation software was already running on Apple’s iPhone unit. This was announced following Mr. Job’s keynote speech on Monday in which he described the new iPhone functions, which include GPS capabilities. However, the spokesperson did not say whether or not TomTom, which is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of GPS units for in-car navigation purposes, will be selling the GPS software.

TomTom provides first truly powerful iPhone GPS Navigator

Though no details regarding the release date of the software, nor any information on its features or pricing were released, TomTom’s reputation as a brand gives the consumer good reason to expect their GPS iPhone application to be the first significantly powerful GPS feature for the hugely popular device.

Rumors that competitor Telenav is also developing their own version of the application have been circulating as well, though they haven’t been confirmed, and as such, TomTom’s application leads the field.

GPS iPhone Service Provided Due to Popular Demand

Apple and TomTom have answered a widely made consumer request in adding a GPS feature to the newest generation of the iPhone. A GPS iPhone application is said to be one of the 3G iPhone’s more desired new features, as it is equipped for constant location service. The location data comes for a variety of different sources, making it all the more comprehensive – Wi-Fi, GPS, and cell phone towers all broadcast signals directly into the iPhone. While Google Maps continues to be the default interface, it’s likely that GPS manufacturers will soon implement an application with an even more advanced GPS interfaces.

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