TomTom Europe App for iPhone

Driving in a European country will no longer be a hassle if you own an iPhone. TomTom, one of the most popular names in satnav, has developed the TomTom Europe app for iPhone users. The application is a must, whether you are headed to a specific country in Europe, or traveling across the continent. TomTom also  offers an exclusive UK and Ireland satnav app for iPhone. The app includes up-to-date maps and smart features such as departure reminders, destination dialing, Eco Routes, emergency menu and more to  help you stay safe on the road.

Clear, easy-to-understand maps

One of the best features of the TomTom Europe app is its mapping. Maps used in this device are clear and simple, and can be easily understood. This makes it a great replacement for the confusing maps you can buy locally. Just below the screen is a panel that mentions the distance to the next lane or crossroad. The app also has a lane guidance feature, which gives you clear visuals about the lanes you should take to reach your destination. HD traffic and routing is another feature that is offered at an added price.

Celebrity voices for instruction

Voice instruction is a common feature in most satnav devices. But the TomTom app for iPhone has tried  to bring in the fun element by including celebrity voices for instruction. For this, you have to pay a little extra for in app purchase, but you could choose to be instructed by popular characters like Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, Wallace & Gromit or even the Yoda. Instructions can be received in multiple languages including German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Catalan, Italian and a number of other European languages besides English.

Saves money and time

The TomTom Europe app for iPhone has another interesting and useful feature called Eco Routes, which displays the most economical routes to reach a destination. It also has the IQ Routes feature that considers factors like rush hour, traffic signals etc to determine the time taken to reach a particular destination via a specific route. The HD Traffic feature, which is available through in-app purchase, provides timely traffic updates and helps you choose the quickest way to a place.

TomTom Europe also has a  Speed Camera feature that alerts the driver about speed cameras in a particular location. But this feature is available only in select countries in Europe.

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