TomTom Go 540 LIVE

TomTom, the biggest seller of satellite navigation systems, has announced TomTom GO540 LIVE service. It has preinstalled maps of UK and Ireland, a streamlined body, optimized icons and a newly designed user interface which makes it more attractive and easy to use.

TomTom GO 940 LIVE

The individual navigation systems come with best ergonomics so that it fits easily in your car. It helps the driver to be more alert, comfortable and avoid any unexpected disturbances in the journey by providing the best, most convenient and shortest route to the destination. In this device, the power button is always illuminated so that the driver can easily use it to power on or off the device. It supports voice commands; with the help of this driver operate the device without losing concentration on driving. The SIM card in it receives the information sent ‘over-the-air’, which provides more real and live statistical details.
The TomTom Go 540 LIVE gadget comes with rigid safety camera attentive pre-installed. With the help of this you can drive safely and responsibly without excess stress. The help menu section is another important feature of this device, giving all the information about local emergency services. It provides you with information about hospitals and even about roadside assistance. It has a 4.3″ wide touchscreen which makes operation more easy and pleasurable. IQ ROUTESTM helps you in determining your lane at junctions so you don’t miss your turns and TomTom Weather enables consumer to plan there trip according to weather conditions.

TomTom HD Traffic:
This service provides drivers information about traffic jams and alternative routes so that users can reach their destinations in minimum time. It updates the current traffic details after every three minutes.

TomTom Safety Alerts:
To make the journey more safe and free from stress TomTom GO LIVE service receives warnings in advance from Road AngelTM, fixed safety cameras, mobile safety cameras and from black spots

TomTom Fuel Prices:
The TomTom GO LIVE service receives latest fuel pricing on the fuels stations of the routes. With the help of this you can compare fuel prices and you can get direction to the cheapest fuel stations so that you can save your money by small cutting in the fuel bill.

TomTom Local Search with Google:
You can find over 11 million business addresses using your TomTom GO LIVE on the local Google search no matter where you are. Type in any search keyword, find matching locations and let your device guides you there. It has more than 11 billion business addresses. You can search any of them using this Google service by location name. It will search identical location for you search word and will direct you to go there.

TomTom QuickGPSfixTM:
It helps you to begin your journey quickly by speeding up the time required to fix GPS signal.

Keep your TomTom device up-to-date by downloading the new software available. You can download maps, any information and you can access free contents from TomTom community.

It helps you in determining your lane when near the junctions. It helps you in finding your appropriate lane which makes your driving much more comfortable and stress free.


  • HANDS-FREE CALLING VIA BLUETOOTH: You can make and answer phone calls easily and safely during driving via Bluetooth.
  • TEXT TO SPEECH: This feature informs you about latest traffic messages. It can also read your messages.
  • VOICE COMMAND AND CONTROL: This feature allows the user to activate more than 100 tasks by voice commands. It also allows you to make call and plan a route which makes your drive smoother and safer.

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