TomTom GO 930T Review

The TomTom GO 930T is a high-end GPS unit that delivers all the features you need to get real-time traffic updates and navigate your way out of a jam.  Boasting a stylish design, the unit appeals from a presentation aspect, but how does it stack up as a whole?  Read the review to learn more.

Look and Feel

The GO 930T has the same size and shape as other units in the GO series, such as the 720, 730 and 920 models.  However, this one sports an elegant all black finish that distinguishes it from the others.  The casing is made of black matte high-impact plastic that doesn’t smudge easily from fingerprints, complimented by a glossy piano black faceplate that frames the beautiful 4.3-inch LCD color touchscreen display.

The GO 930T has no physical controls other than the power button located on the top of the unit.  Although the interface is a bit complex on first glance, the device is easy to use as all operations can be performed through the touchscreen display or the remote control.  Well built and incredibly lightweight, the TomTom GO 930T is certainly one of the best looking GPS devices you’ll come across these days.

Key Features and Functionality

The GO 930T comes loaded with functionality, carrying on the tradition of feature-rich TomTom GPS units.  Some of the most notable features include IQ Routes, which calculates routes based on the real speed averages measured on the road, Advanced Lane Guidance, which provides you with added clarity when navigating through difficult junctions, and Enhanced Positioning Technology, which allows you to maintain tracking even when losing GPS signals in areas such as tunnels or behind buildings.

The GO 930T is Bluethooth compatible for hands-free speakerphone usage and comes with a built-in transmitter that lets you enjoy your music wirelessly over the existing car radio.  Two of the best features would have to be Help Me, the integrated menu that gives you direct access to roadside assistance and emergency services, and Text-to-Speech.  The latter allows places, street names, traffic alerts and SMS text messages to be read aloud over the existing stereo system.

Real-Time Traffic

The “T” in the GO 930T means that the unit is traffic enabled, equipped with an RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver that functions in both North America and Europe.  You get one year of traffic free and then must subscribe at the price of $60 per year.  Available traffic data can be obtained through the included traffic receiver or the TomTom Service.  While the company recommends the TomTom Service because it supposedly delivers the best traffic data available, it does require a Bluetooth compatible phone.  Because getting your hands on a fully compatible Bluetooth phone can be a challenge, utilizing the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver is the easiest way to get traffic information on the GO 930T.


All in all, the GO 930T is a nice device that will help you save time and hopefully avoid rush hour traffic.  While the interface warrants some user-friendly tweaking, the design and features of this unit make it a definite keeper.


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One Response to “TomTom GO 930T Review”

  1. X
    November 22, 2009 at 3:02 pm #

    I bought this TomTom Go 930T following the positive advices on various websites. This TomTom joke is not worthed the money. First, one cannot trust its accuracy in location positioning. Often, one misses the turns one has to take in the city, because the location is wrong. One finds only later that we should have turned to the left/right one street earlier. Since you cannot trust its location, you can try counting on the displayed map how many streets should you cross until a turn is needed. Well, good luck with that, the 3D display of the map is mis-leading and pale; hence, it is difficult to count, while driving, the number of streets until a turn is needed.
    On the highway, the typical location error is in the order of hundreds on meters, particularly if one drives above 100 km/h. If you have to take the only exit in a range of kms, then, no problem, you won’t miss it. However, if you exit the highway, and then you should immediately turn left or right to follow a specific direction, then, good luck doing that. The device still announces you that you should exit the highway, while you are busy wondering which is the appropriate direction to go.
    Probably, this device is good in villages where one has two streets and a cow, but in large cities, forget it. Go Get something decent. I don’t know which device, but certainly not Tom Tom 930T. So, conclusion: to avoid at all costs.

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