TomTom Go 940 Live Review

Many view TomTom as the sat nav industry’s version of leading technology companies, such as Apple or Sony.  Much of this acclaim is centered on the flagship TomTom Go 940 Live, which is arguably one of the most complete satellite navigation systems to date (check it out here or more sat navs from TomTom here).  While it still sports the comprehensive, easy to read interface we have all come to expect, it is the addition of various LIVE services that truly elevate the 940 to new heights.

Key Features and Functionality

The most innovative of the LIVE features would have to be HD traffic.  Instead of depending on unreliable RDS traffic updates, TomTom gathers position, speed and direction of cell phone signals to efficiently calculate where traffic is accumulating or has stopped entirely.  This data is beamed to your TomTom Go 940 Live every three minutes, re-routing your journey on an as-needed basis.

tomtom-go-940-liveFor example, if you happen to end up in a real-life traffic bottleneck, the 940 can divert you through back streets on shortcuts you never knew existed.  If you are on a motorway, of course the quickest route might be through the jam, but HD Traffic is smart enough to compare slower back routes against the time you crawl through freeway traffic.  It also alerts you on any incidents that lie ahead of your route, giving details of the time delays that await you.

Another quality feature of the TomTom Go 940 LIVE is Fuel Prices.  The unit has the ability to find the cheapest fuel on or nearest to your route.  You even have the option to choose the gas station and type of fuel.  Others on the seemingly never-ending list of LIVE features are Google Local searches, regular speed camera updates, QuickGPSfix, weather updates, and a unique Buddy service that plots the location of your friends who own TomToms.


The TomTom Go 940 LIVE isn’t the cheapest GPS unit.  Therefore, if you are merely a casual driver, the price may seem expensive.  On the other hand, if you are someone who commutes serious mileage each and every month, the GO 940 could be the perfect solution.  Aside from what has already been mentioned in this review, features such as hands-free Bluetooth functionality, smart IQ routes and frequently updated maps will likely make this GPS unit your best new friend.

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