TomTom GO x40 LIVE series

The world’s biggest and leading navigation elucidation provider – TomTom has launched its all new TomTom GO x40 LIVE series. This new product will change the whole driving experience now. The product is an edition of TomTom’s inventive IQ Routes technology. It will help users to find out traveling time by ancient travel duration information which is added on this device for every road and every day of the week.

TomTom GO 940 LIVE, TomTom GO 740 LIVE and TomTom GO 540 LIVE have been specially invented for high mileage. This smart device enables dynamic navigation and route guidance which is continuously updated with changing road conditions, weather conditions and provides information about alternative routes which makes driving fast and safe.

Products and pricing

• TomTom GO 940 LIVE with European + US maps and with £50 fuel card is offered at £449.99

• TomTom GO 740 LIVE (32 European maps) with £40 fuel card is offered at £449.99 – £349.99

• TomTom GO 540 LIVE (UK/Ireland maps) with £30 fuel card is available at £449.99£299.99

• TomTOm gives testing pack of three months of LIVE service after that it will cost, £7.99 per month

TomTom LIVE Services

For motorists the TomTom Go x40 LIVE series grabs the information sent ‘over-the-air’ through built in SIM card. This way the device remains updated with the latest information about road and weather conditions.

TomTom High Definition TrafficTM

In Briton traffic jam is becoming major problem day by day. So this TomTom High Definition Traffic will be very helpful for Britons on their route. This gives users live information of traffic conditions. On availability this TomTom service will provide alternative routes. The information about traffic conditions is updated after every three minutes.

TomTom Safety Alerts with mobile camera data from Road Angel

This TomTom Go x40 LIVE series enables users to receive information and access to accurate camera data in co-operation with Road Angel (UK only). Drivers receive warnings about unmanned railway crossing, accident prone zones, worship areas so that they can keep control on their driving. It includes safety camera reporting and sharing so that users can send and receive information about mobile safety cameras.

TomTom Fuel Price Search

With the economy where it is people are more concerned about prices of fuel. TomTom GOx40 LIVE fuel price search service will now give them some relief because the information about nearest fuel stations with fuel price will be available on their device. So they can compare and decide their choice of fuel stations. It gives pricing information of 12,000 fuel stations across UK. In the UK TomTom users can also use their free fuel card which is integrated with every purchase.

Local Search with Google

TomTom users can search an unlimited number of points of interests (POIs). It gives information of about 11 billion businesses. You can search this information with the help of Google services. You can search user names and names of locations with this.

TomTom QuickGPSFix

It is helpful to begin your journey faster. It speeds up the time required for device to get connected to the satellite.

TomTom Buddies

With this TomTom users can stay connected with its buddies on route so that they can plan changes in their trip and can share favorite places by sharing messages.

Voice command and control

TomTom GO LIVE sequence is having the element of voice command. Around 140 tasks can be started with user voice. Users can plan a route and even make a call with this service.

It will be offered in the UK from mid November 2008 with three month trial pack and after that it will cost £7.99 with no hidden costs.

TomTom GO x40 LIVE series

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