TomTom GO 740 LIVE

TomTom launched new GO 740 LIVE device. This new connected portable navigation device is upgraded model of TomTom’s IQ Routes Technology. The Go 740 is the first member of TomTom’s live collection. It is updated in real time to provide latest and most accurate information and helps to drive smarter.

It includes a SIM card and GPS chip which is helps to keep connected and helps is updating information of traffic control, prices of petrol and weather etc., so one can have access to latest information on your route. One can plan their destination in the fastest and shortest way. It can calculate routes based on previous travel time information for each road according to each day of week and even for time of the day. The company centralized data base has recorded 1.8 trillion miles of roads which will mark a new chapter in the history of personal navigation tools.

Wireless Real-Time Traffic Feeds

TomTom GO 740 LIVE receives reports through wireless regarding estimated time delay, alternative route proposals, traffic speed and incident, per two to five minutes. Both Tom-Tom’s IQ Routes Technology and real-time traffic feeds helps the driver to get latest information and exact travel time. It updates drivers about the factors affecting their routes and gives them control of routing by opening options of alternative routes.

The device has touch screen 4.3 inch full TFT color LCD with 2GB Internal Flash memory.

The following are the main features of TomTom GO 740 LIVE

  • Local Search powered by Google: With Local Search Powered by Google drivers can now access unlimited number of points of interest. This helps TomTom users to get the information and locations of 11 billion business. The search results show location name as well as rating by users with phone numbers.

  • TomTom Fuel Price Service: It helps drivers to get pricing information about fuel and every four hours in a day from 120,000 gas stations in United States.

  • TomTom Weather: It provides information according to their current location or for chosen location, so one can arrange their routes or make changes in their trip according to road and weather condition.
  • TomTom QuickGPSfix: QuickGPSfix decreases the time taken to update satellite locations on their devices. So that drivers can begin their trip faster.

  • TomTom Buddies: One can get connected with their friends by linking their Tom Tom device to those of their friends. They can share information about location, send or receive text messages, they can locate each other on the map.

  • Voice Recognition: This feature helps to use one’s voice operate 130 different voice commands, also call with their compatible cell phones and adjust brightness of screen or adjust volume.

TomTom Live GPS

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