TomTom Map Update Serviceâ„¢ ensures up-to-date maps for all users at all times

One of the world’s biggest navigation company – TomTom declares the launch of its new Map Update Service. This service allows user to download fresh maps released by TomTom through TomTom Home, which is TomTom’s open desktop software. Its price starts from £7.95 per quarter which depends on which  TomTom device you are currently using. Because of this TomTom Map Update Service, drivers feel more comfortable and secure because they can have up-to-date information about road maps.

According to managing director of TomTom, this service completes their wide map contribution. Users can update their maps to get wholly included and the most precise TomTom navigation, offered on a quarterly basis. The changes in road maps will be achieved as information provided by Tele Atlas, map provider for TomTom.

With this TomTom Map Up-to-date service users will get latest information about road maps and will get latest maps as soon as Tele Atlas makes them available. There are millions of miles of roads, millions of new addresses, lots of POIs, shopping centers, recently built hospitals, fuel stations, new speed limits, and new one way streets. To get such up-to-date and fresh information TomTom Map Update Service becomes necessary for drivers to make their driving much more secure and comfortable.

One more thing that you can do is backup your favorites before fixing fresh maps or map updates. All your favourites are saved in a file called “mapsettings.cfg” which is situated in the folder of your map. During updating maps, this file gets overwritten. So it’s better to back up your favourites and then restore it to its previous location after updating the map.

Tele Atlas quickly updates the changes in road construction and provides up-to-date map service for TomTom customers. With this Map Update ServiceTM the TomTom Company is trying to fight with the issue of outdated maps. This comprehensive service means that users can easily update their maps affordably. It provides easy access for users to update their maps. World’s road transportation alters up to 15% per year, so it becomes necessary to have services like TomTom Map Up-to-date Service.

TomTom has provided different map services like Map Share, newest map assurance and now this comprehensive service called Map Update Service. Map Share provides the facility of sharing maps online. TomTom map share is offered for each product from TomTom. By using this service users can edit the information such as changed street names and speed limits, reverse traffic directions. Users can take benefit from Map share community for up to date information using TomTom Home.

TomTom’s newest map guarantee enables the user to update their maps at free of cost during the first 30 days of using the device. Every device from the TomTom Company comes with newest map assurance. Users can update their maps with this using TomTom HOME.

This combination of TomTom’s Map Update Service, latest map guarantee and Map Share makes drivers feel confident, stress-free, comfortable and secure as the user is having the complete, most accurate and updated information about roads and roadside assistance.


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