TomTom White Pearl Review

Last month, TomTom teased the GPS community with the announcement of a new sat nav unit.  The White Pearl is here, equipped with the company’s award-winning technology and a price that is surprisingly more affordable than one would expect.  Offering the latest updates to the One IQ V5 design, the TomTom White Pearl could just deliver the best value yet.

Key Features and Functionality

The TomTom White Pearl is loaded with a host of features – too many to list in a single review.  We will, however, share some of the most notable.

tomtom-white-pearlTomTom EasyPort – This mount has an innovative, flexible design that allows the user to affix their sat nav device securely to a desired position on the windshield by way of a unique mechanical locking system.  Once at your destination, you can easily remove it with a single twist when exiting the vehicle.  A clever design gives you the ability to neatly fold the mount away onto your GPS device and remove the entire unit without needing to stow the mount separately.

Safe-as-a-Priority – Research conducted by independent firms has revealed the importance of audible navigation instructions as they relate to road safety.  The TomTom White Pearl reflects this importance and has been redesigned in a manner that does not compromise audio performance.  The unit now includes a larger, dramatically enhanced speaker system, which ensures that spoken instructions are loud and clear against any background noise you should encounter within the typical in-vehicle environment.

Help Me! – The TomTom White Pearl also includes the manufacturer’s exclusive Help Me! feature, which gives users convenient access to safety and emergency services information.  Its extensive menu includes details, such as emergency phone numbers, comprehensive directions to the nearest hospital and information on the nearest automobile repair service.   With advanced safety preferences, you can also set your own requirements in terms of timed driving breaks, speed warnings and menu accessibility options.


The TomTom White Pearl offers many other popular TomTom features, including MapShare and IQ Routes.  The unit is also traffic-ready so you can incorporate this feature as needed.  Special editions of the unit come with TeleAtlas maps of 42 countries, ensuing that you can find your way in local areas and overseas as well!

TomTom is known as an innovator in the world of satellite navigation systems and appears to have truly outdone itself with the White Pearl.  For the very reasonable price of £159.95, this feature-rich unit is a steal for GPS enthusiasts.

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