TomTom XL 340 Review

The XL represents the new breed of TomTom devices to sport the slimmed-down cradle unit.  Its EasyPort mount design serves as a major benefit to drivers who were previously fed up with the chunky cradles and curved armatures that generally accompanied sat nav units.  Unlike older devices, the TomTom XL twists in and out of a circular shaped retaining bracket.  It can also be angled forward at your leisure to ensure that the screen is clearly visible.  Design aside, the biggest attraction of this unit is all the innovative features it brought forth.

Key Features and Functionality

One of the standout features of the TomTom XL is MapShare.  This functionality allows users to note and mark changes to their mapped routes.  These alterations can then be shared through the company’s web portal, TomTom Home. To ensure accuracy, the user-submitted edits are verified before being made publicly available.  By frequently logging on to the web portal and incorporating the latest map updates, you can make sure you always have the most accurate and up to date maps.  With TeleAtlas signed on formally as a subsidiary company of TomTom, the celebrated GPS manufacturer has been able to consistently stay ahead of the competition by delivering its users the freshest maps available.

In addition to MapShare, the TomTom XL unit is also equipped with a feature known as IQ Routes.  This one collects real-traffic data from TomTom users to determine exactly how fast traffic will move along on any given road at a certain time of day.  Because so much data has been collected by so many users, TomTom IQ Routes have become incredibly accurate over the years.  Several tests up and down the countryside and through various routes have shown this feature to be uncannily efficient.  The TomTom XL paved the way for an array of features that have become standard on many of the newer TomTom sat nav units.


If you are planning a journey coming from the downtown area of your town and need to arrive in the suburbs to the west – while knowing whether or not it’s quicker to take the back roads or head straight through the center – the time-based advice offered by this device can be extremely helpful.  Even in the midst of grueling rush hour traffic, having a reliable sat nav unit the likes of the TomTom XL can enable you to negotiate all the back streets and shortcuts to keep the stress to a minimum.

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