TomTom XXL Review

TomTom XXL

For many people, bigger is always better when it comes to a satnav device. If you have always wanted a bigger GPS screen, the TomTom XXL 5-inch display is just what you need. The XXL 5-inch series from TomTom features three devices –  XXL 540, XXL 540 WTE and XXL 550. All the three devices have 5-inch wide screens and come preloaded with up-to-date maps.

TomTom XXLImproved features

TomTom XXL displays are certainly an improvement over the earlier devices from the company. Increase of screen size from 4.3 inches to 5 inches is one. The 5-inch extra wide touch screen offers better, easily readable images, and has an easy to use menu too. The screen’s anti-glare property makes it easier to read it even in direct sunlight.

TomTom XXLNever lose your way

XXL series give you access to the complete TomTom premium maps for the US, Mexico and Canada. What is more impressive is that TomTom is offering lifetime map and traffic updates for its XXL range. And yes, that means you can be sure of receiving regular updates of the maps included in your device. It also means you wont have to be lost because of an outdated map.

The 540 WTE is the World Traveler Edition and includes maps of European countries as well. An additional feature of the 540 WTE is it comes preloaded with 9 million points of interest.

Plan with IQ Routes

All the XXL 5-inch GPS devices have have the TomTom IQ Routes and the QuickGPSfix features. IQ Routes is a feature designed to suggest the best possible route to your destination, after taking into account the rush hour traffic, traffic signals, day of the week, and other factors. Right now, this amazing feature is available only in the US and Canada.

The XXL series also includes the Advance Lane Guidance feature, so that you know exactly which lane to take to reach your destination. Even if you are lost in thought, the and street name announcement feature will gently remind you of your current location. The devices are also equipped with an Emergency menu, which tells you where you are and provides information about emergency services like police stations, hospitals etc in the region.

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