Top Ranked 2009 GPS Mapping Software

Aftermarket GPS software is growing in its popularity, especially for GPS owners that have unique interests. The following is a listing of 2009’s top-rated GPS mapping software available on the aftermarket.

Microsoft Streets and Trips

A popular GPS mapping software is Microsoft Streets and Trips, appreciated for its user-friendly platform and low price tag. You can customize maps with ease and take advantage of the toggle feature to quickly access the program’s key features. POI categories include auto services, rental cars, and nightclubs. It also features turn-by-turn directions and 3D map views. However, if you want topographical maps, this is not the GPS software for you.

Street Atlas USA by Delorme

This GPS software is compatible with many devices, including laptops, iPods and Palms. With over 4 million points of interest that include truck stops and service information, as well as driving maps for Canada and Mexico, this is perfect for non-Microsoft users. It will accept voice commands and customized maps that can be shared and synched.

Topo USA

A great GPS software package for the outdoor enthusiast, Topo USA features customization tools that are easy to use and create 3D elevation profiles. It also determines distances and grade for your off-road adventures. Its points of interest include national and state parks, as well as campground information.

Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft MapPoint is perfect for businesses with the ability to share your business’s data with anyone who needs access. You can upload Excel spreadsheets and information from Excel tables, as well as send addresses and phone numbers to portable GPS devices. It can track trends and sales numbers, demographic information, and plan business trips.

National Geographic Back Roads Explorer

Although the title hints at mapping software geared towards back roads, it primarily offers main and public road information. All maps created offer a 3D fly-through option, and it’s compatible with Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, and Eagle sat navs. Its main drawback is creating customized routes with the GPS software auto-generating waypoints based on criteria you enter plus the ability to create multiple routes and add photos.

The greatest benefit of aftermarket GPS software is fulfilling your unique mapping needs. Whether you are a regional sales director who travels daily or an outdoor enthusiast, there is a GPS mapping program that can suit your needs perfectly.


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