Traffic-Integrated Products from Magellan

The traffic-integrated GPS devices from Magellan help you to get live traffic information while on the go. It makes your journey easier by helping you to steer clear of traffic including lane closures, accidents, roadworks, and slow traffic.

magellan-roadmapYou can also buy a TrafficKit designed for your traffic enabled Magellan RoadMate or Magellan Maestro to receive the same features. RoadMate series comprise of entry-level navigation devices which include the first RoadMate GPS unit with a 4.3 inch wide screen.

The pocket sized, ultra slim GPS units of Magellan RoadMate series are always ready to be turned on and go. The introduction of new GPS units of the RoadMate 1400 series are the line extensions of the highly popular RoadMate brand. The GPS units of the RoadMate series are great for the drivers who have recently started using GPS devices.

The great features of RoadMate 1400 GPS units include large anti-glare touch screen of 4.3 inch and an easy, perceptive user interface. The unique Quickspell feature facilitates quick input with the least number of keystrokes. The stylish and convenient to identify icons make viewing the map and menu very handy.

RoadMate 1400 is the base model set with preloaded Navteq road maps of United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, in addition to 1.3 million POIs or points of interest like ATMs, gas stations, and airports. It also lets you know the contact details of the POIs like the phone number, location, and also the distance to be traveled.

RoadMate 1412 has the additional features like maps of Alaska and Canada besides having the text-to-speech conversion facility. It announces the street names. Over 6 million POIs including retail shops, health service, dining, as well as various other local business data are also available in this model of GPS from Magellan.

RoadMate 1430 includes all the features of 1412 and is also equipped with live traffic functionality. It displays the updated traffic information of the route. ‘Fastest time’ to the destination feature suggests you the alternative routes to your destination. The antenna is flawlessly integrated with the power cable of the GPS unit to receive traffic information.

RoadMate 1200 series is designed with an anti glare 3.5-inch wide touch screen. The features of this series of Magellan GPS units are quite similar to the RoadMate 1400 series. However, the size of RoadMate 1200 series GPS is more compact. The two other models, RoadMate 1212 and 1230 are the new addition to the RoadMate 1200 series.

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  1. Matt Spirko
    June 3, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    Magellan has the WORST customer service – Received a roadmate 1200 as a gift and it is useless in a car in the daylight as one can not see the screen. Magellan’s lack of customer service including their supervisory staff claim the unit is working as designed. i never had a garmin or tom-tom fail to work in sumlight – my advice – don’t buy a magellan even as a gift for anyone

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