Turn-by-Turn Navigation: The Best Backseat Driver

While backseat drivers are not always appreciated, when they arrive in the form of GPS turn-by-turn navigation directions, it may be music to any driver’s ears.

Though originally associated with the service provided by OnStar, turn-by-turn navigation simply refers to a feature incorporated into a navigation system. The main functionality of turn-by-turn navigation is to provide drivers with automated voice-guided directions. This feature allows you to focus on the road and enjoy a peace of mind by knowing you are guided through each turn in route to your final destination.

How Turn-by-Turn Navigation Works

All turn-by-turn navigation systems rely on GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite location and mapping technology to effectively route drivers to their destination. With most systems, all you have to do is push a button and tell the built-in advisor where you want to go. The advisor then locates the destination you requested and transmits detailed driving directions to your vehicle. Completely automated and voice-guided, these driving directions take you through each step of the route while traveling to your destination.

Turn-by-turn navigation typically provides turn tones, street names and distances to every turn along the route. Most systems will even give alerts when you miss a turn and offer an alternate route to your destination.

Turn-by-Turn Commands

With turn-by-turn navigation, you can give a number of different commands while traveling along your route. These commands can usually be referenced in the manual that arrived with your navigation system. Some of the most commonly used commands include:

Cancel route – Cancels routes to a particular destination
Repeat – Repeats the last maneuver
Route preview – Previews the route to your destination

Route Planning

A navigation system equipped with turn-by-turn functionality is useful, but it always helpful to thoroughly map out your trip before setting forth on the road. This is where route planning can arrive to be your best driving friend. A route planner is a feature implemented into navigation systems and many standalone services as well.

Online route planning has become very popular, with TomTom playing a major role as a service provider. Recently released in Beta stage, the TomTom route planner allows you to easily plan your trip online with the expertise of its navigation technology. This service can be used by anyone who needs to plan a trip and offers benefits whether you own a navigation system or not.

Live Traffic Information – With TomTom’s online route planner, traffic is displayed in real-time, letting you know when is the best time to leave for your destination.

Intelligent Routing – The route planner calculates routes based on the driving speeds actually measured on the roads. This means you are assured the smartest route every hour and every day, leading to savings in terms of time, fuel and money.

Incredible AccuracyTomTom’s route planner gives you the latest maps, updated daily, thanks to its Map Share technology. Changes on the routes are identified by the TomTom map community and delivered to TomTom HOME to provide drivers with the most recent conditions that can be taken into account when planning your route.

Mobile Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Considering how quickly technology is progressing, it is no surprise that turn-by-turn has been implemented into cellular phones and many other mobile devices. Aside from car navigation systems, several mobile devices are being equipped with route planners to ensure that drivers can always find their way. These navigation elements help you save precious time on your trip while sparing you the hassle of driving miles out of your way.


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