Use of GPS in Countries in Transition for Urban Renewal Projects – How GPS devices help

Transitional economies are the economies of countries that are in the process of going to a free market economy from a centrally planned economy, and in these countries, GPS technology is proving to be a great ally as major urban land use projects proceed.

In countries like Georgia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, international consultants are stepping in to assist with major land use projects, and GPS is playing a significant role. Both these countries are rich in classically-trained survey engineers, but they’re still somewhat new to GPS technology.

Add to this the establishment of real estate registers showing the details of land ownership and land values for the purposes of taxation, and you have a gargantuan task. Fortunately, new technologies are helping engineers in these countries cope with the massive demands associated with their land uses.

Hundreds of international consultants trained in engineering as well as IT and GPS are helping transitional nations execute the first registration of literally millions of land parcels. This involved things like producing and processing comprehensive libraries of aerial photographs and acquiring equipment needed for dozens of surveying squads in these regions.

So far, field surveys have been done for a number of municipalities of ownership, boundaries, and other data relevant to the parcels. By using PC-controlled visual display units along with special GPS receivers, the surveyors were able to enter boundaries with high precision and overlay the boundaries onto stored aerial photographs, then save all this information into a database.

The GPS units couldn’t do some tasks, like ensuring agreement upon all boundaries between adjacent land owners, but state department representatives helped adjudicate conflicts on-site or at least document them for later consideration in the legal system. GPS data will no doubt be useful for those cases as well.

Ashtech, an international producer of mapping and land surveying hardware and software that includes GPS technology, recently sold 46 Ashtech ProMark 3 RTK GPS receivers to the Governance Accountability Project (GAP) in Bosnia to help land records offices in 23 municipalities carry out their new capital improvement projects and greatly simplify the procedures needed for urban renewal administration.

They may be packaged a little differently than the GPS devices you carry in your car or when out hiking, but the GPS devices used in countries making the transition to a free market economy are doing their own version of “getting from Point A to Point B” with the help of GPS technology.

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