Use Your GPS to Save Money On Petrol

While your GPS unit can certainly take you from point A to B, it can also pad your pocketbook. With petrol prices continuously bouncing from costly to cost-prohibitive, your GPS can help you travel more for less.

GPS to save gas

Step One: Shortest vs. Fastest Distance

Whether you own an in-car GPS navigation system, a portable GPS, or a smartphone with GPS software, you can save yourself the headache of stopping for petrol multiple times and arrive at your destination sooner. Simply access the GPS menu and when computing your route, choose shortest distance instead of fastest time. Usually, by traveling fewer miles and at more consistent speeds, you’ll get better fuel mileage and spend less time at the pump.

Step Two: Avoid Small Town Charm

Unless you want to take the scenic route, programming your sat nav to avoid cities or towns along your route will help save you from the inevitable stop and go of multiple stoplights all programmed to turn red as soon as you approach. Not only will bypassing this scenario save you time (and preserve your sanity), but your mileage will undoubtedly improve.

Step Three: Get Going

Once you’ve decided where your travel destination will be, plug it into your GPS navigation and ensure the above settings are still activated. If you have access to traffic reports through GPS software, make sure this feature is enabled during your trip. You do not want to avoid those small town stoplights if it meant sitting for two hours in a 50-car pile-up or waiting while traffic merged from 4 lanes down to 1 during a construction project. Traffic is a death warrant to getting good mileage and arriving on time, so check your updates for detours and accidents to avoid these travel pitfalls.

Step Four: Arrive in Style

Protecting your environment is such an important topic today that using your portable or in car GPS to conserve fuel is sure to inspire others to do the same. Even if petrol prices remain affordable, preserving the environment puts you on the A-list, and saving money will never go out of style!

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