Where to Find the Best GPS Software

In addition to any software that might accompany the sat nav you own, there are always additional software options. Here are tips to finding the best GPS software for your GPS navigation unit.

The Best GPS Software for Your GPS Device

Some of the best places to download or purchase updated software or GPS software extras can be found through the manufacturer of your GPS device. Whether you own an in car GPS, portable GPS or smartphone, the manufacturer offers many software choices developed specifically for your GPS navigation unit.

  • If you own a TomTom GPS unit, spend a few minutes at the Tom Tom Maps center for live map updates and other TomTom software extras.
  • If own a Garmin GPS navigation device, visit the Garmin Support page for free updates and software downloads tailored for your specific Garmin GPS model.

  • If you own a Magellan car GPS or portable GPS unit, stop by Magellan’s Product page to download updated and specific map types like street maps and marine maps, as well as updated software downloads.

  • If you own a Navigon GPS unit, their Update Center provides links to software updates and new releases. If you’re looking for Navigon GPS map software downloads, their Fresh Maps resource is helpful.

The Best General GPS Software Sites

To view GPS software options for various GPS navigation devices, as well as GSP software suitable for desktops, these sites offer an up-to-date variety. These sites also give access to GPS reviews and software reviews to better enable you to make the perfect choice.

  • Maps GPS Info provides software downloads for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

  • To purchase a wide variety of GPS software for a different in car GPS and portable navigation devices, visit The GPS Store.

  • To give your in car or portable satellite navigation device some irreverent personality, visit PigTones to download various GPS voices like Homer Simpson, Elvis, and Stewie from Family Guy.

No matter what GPS software you’re looking for, whether it’s updates for your particular GPS navigation device or just chic GPS software in general, these sites are excellent resources.


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  1. Glenn Bord
    June 28, 2009 at 11:28 pm #

    I disagree with your comments about pigtones. On my Garmin pigtones installs one file by overwriting a garmin file. If you want to use another pigtones file you must go back to your computer and overwrite again. This is not how the product shoukd work.

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