Which Extra GPS Features Do You Really Need?

Whether you’re looking for a portable GPS device or an in car GPS navigation system, there are many optional features that might sound helpful, but fail to deliver. Read on to determine which extra features most meet your needs.

Live Traffic Updates

Life traffic updates sound like the ultimate GPS perk, informing you about delays, accidents, back-ups, or construction hold-ups. Based upon this information, your GPS unit can reroute you to avoid the congestion. Many times, however, traffic reports are resolved without updating your GPS system, meaning you reroute for no reason.

Improvement of this feature with faster satellite access on certain high-end models is expected to resolve these issues. If you travel often in busy areas prone to congestion, do some research and buy the most cutting edge model with the best reviewed live traffic updates to ensure you aren’t riding around aimlessly on back roads.


If you have a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, then you will definitely want a Bluetooth integrated GPS device. With hands-free phone calls growing more and more important, in terms of personal safety and legalities, you will want to access your cell phone through your in car GPS for increased safety and convenience.

Multimedia Support

One of the newest and most improved trends leans to supporting multimedia functions. In car satellite navigation systems have already included these capabilities, functioning as a stereo and GPS navigation unit in one. Portable and car GPS are jumping on this bandwagon, offering digital cameras, video recording, Mp3 players, and much more.

Voice Commands

Text-to-speech capabilities are one of the big additions to many 2009 GPS units. This technology has been improved in many of the top-rated car GPS and portable GPS devices introduced this year, although some still work better than others. Some allow spoken address entry, while others are fully integrated and allow you to control many functions, such as system volume and address searches.

Multi-Destination Routing

If you are prone to multi-leg journeys, then this feature will be a great help and is found on many high-end sat nav systems.

Whether you are fighting traffic or making conference calls on the go, a GPS system with all of the right features can certainly make your life easier and safer.


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