Who Wants To Watch TV on Their GPS?

Get ready! You should be able to watch live television while you’re driving in your car very soon via your in-car Garmin/Tom Tom/Magellan… unit – and all thanks to the miracle of GPS technology.

Tv on your gps

In the Silicon Valley, a 7.5 ton, 27 feet tall satellite intended to remain in space indefinitely was recently launched. Once in orbit, the satellite will stretch itself out more than 100 feet across. The satellite is meant to transmit signals for live television viewing in your vehicle, as a companion to the maps and data you already receive on your in-car GPS. The satellite will ultimately also help to provide better satellite radio and satellite TV transmission quality for an all-round improved GPS transmission experience. This marks a huge development in GPS technology for that reason.

The satellite is expected to be operational within a month of its launch, and GPS device providers worldwide anticipate that your current GPS unit to be able to receive the live television broadcasts it will provide within a year. The rocket scientists and aeronautical engineers in Palo Alto, California employed at Space Systems Loral who were responsible for this launch are particularly proud of this achievement, as they crafted the satellite themselves in-house.

A standing-room only crowd watched the launch, largely comprised of the scientists and engineers who can personally take credit for the development. One Space Systems Loral employee even went so far as to compare to launch to the birth of a child from so much excitement and anticipation.

The launch marks the nation’s very first foray into servicing mobile television in-car. Several subsequent satellite launches will follow to further enhance a more comprehensive array of communication devices, including cell phone technology and radio.

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