Why Isn’t There a Better Variety of Accents Available for GPS?

GPS devices, though on the brink of becoming mainstream consumer staples, don’t yet have a wide variety of voices and accents. Granted, all the top brands offer numerous languages, and typically have both male and female voice selections. Though TomTom takes it a step further and offers “Voice Paks” that do satisfy this need, it’d be fun to take this even further. How, you may ask?

Tony Soprano

Famous People – Dead and Alive

How amazing would it be to have Katharine Hepburn or John Wayne telling you where to turn to get to your college roommate’s new place in the suburbs? There’s a lot of voice talent out there, so why not recruit some of it to spice up the GPS device‘s audio directions?

Funny Accents

A choice of accents would make GPS usage even more fun. Dialects the world over could be represented and enjoyed, enlightening the GPS user. Various lesser known accents in both female and male voices could be a wonderful thing.

Full Blown Characters

Maybe Jeff Foxworthy could do a Redneck-type GPS recording – or Larry the Cable Guy could make an appearance for usage in an in-car unit. Or what about Tony Soprano?

We all know the female voice in the Garmin unit sounds a bit stern when the path mapped out has been deviated from, so what if it was taken a bit further. When you take a left instead of the GPS-indicated right, you’re suddenly hearing Tony Soprano getting very, very upset with you, threatening to hurt your “gumar?” It could take the GPS experience to a completely different realm – an even more entertaining one.

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  1. me2
    May 20, 2008 at 7:35 am #

    It would be really easy to implement Prof. Hawkings voice… it’s already coded! But seriously, all I would like to see is improvements in speech recognition so that I can tell my Garmin where I want to go instead of having to pull over and type it in on their archaic faux-keyboards.

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